Saturday, June 25, 2011

Project Pretti-fy

What can we do with these???

I got inspired reading this blog and got myself some ideas. So, I made this pretty printed papers into something interesting. I love anything I can play with my hands. Crafting, doing beadworks, making accessories and everything under the sun. Aside from a hobby, it will help you earn extra money as well. 

So these are some things you can do with it. 

It gives a little oomph!

even outlets work as well! but to get better results small printed fabrics (retaso) makes wonders.


It only cost me P60 to do this plus I still have extra papers for drawer linings. DIY-ing is fun just don't overdo it. Pretty papers are found at National Bookstore. My next project is a moodboard. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

All Dolled Up!

           My Mom's 'Goddess' inspired gown
     Photographer: Me
      Stylist: Me
      MUA: Me
        PA: Guess who! lol

I was thrilled when Mommy asked me to do her make up. The not so excited that I was got some brushes and shades of green at a local drugstore. I mixed alot of green shades to get that subtle smokey effect. I used Maybelline express liner for her eyes though I wasn't that satisfied with its quality since it easily wears of and I had to make it a little darker to make her eyes brighter. I used Blush Love thing on her cheeks. What I like about MAC is that despite the hot weather, the blush on doesn't easily melt. You still look fresh! On her lips is MAC in rogue. Both liquid and powder foundation are from MAC as well. On her hair, I just lift the upper part and twist it to hold the lift using alot of hairpins. And I used a blower to set her hair. And there!

 My life!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hangover times TWO!

The movie was totally hilarious! I barely can't stop laughing from start to finish because each scene would totally surprise you with it's funny lines. Alan Garner's retarded-ness completely got everyone's stomachaches. I thank my friend Jappy for buying a ticket and then I'll have no excuse crossing the floods from the heavy rain that afternoon. 

We had our green tea latte at Starbucks and some chitchats with my two couple friends - Krisca and Carla with their hubbies. It's been a long time since I've reconnected. Feels good to be with other people sometimes. You'll get to know alot of new and interesting stuff. Too bad I had no pictures. 

Before driving me home, Jap decided to drop by my batchmates Post Bday celebration. Okay, so I had a couple of beer. I didn't notice I was a little tipsy because there were too many familiar faces to say our hello-how-you've-been. Our reunion would definitely be fun. But of course, control control control! I can't have too much. I still had a hangover despite that little alcohol I had. 

This is just a fraction of the people who will be coming on our 10th year Ateneo HS Reunion. I can't wait to see them! I'm excited about the Venue/Zirkle/Calzada music. We played a little INOJ, SO SO DEF, BSB and some Pretty fly for a White Guy music during the party too. High School Days was fun.

What I wore in the AM:
Oversized white top, online 
Carrot pants, random find, Bag, HK and Ballet flats, chimes. 
I just changed my top during our movie with almost the same style from Urban Outfitters :) 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


After reading good reviews about Nina Garcia's Books from bloggers and social friends, I rushed to National Bookstore and looked for her books. Unfortunately it was all sold out. With all disappointed I slowly walked outside the door when a saleswoman came rushing towards me and handed me one last book. It was meant to be!

The book is a real MUST READ! It's everything a girl must know from having the basics to Chanel 2.55.

Here are some tips from the book.

"A style icon knows"

  • How to edit
  • To invest in "the bones"
  • To buy with drama
  • The utmost importance of shoes
  • And the power of accessories
  • A good tailor
  • How not to be a fashion victim
  • It is not about the money
  • How to mix it up
  • How to be imperfect,... "