Thursday, November 14, 2013

Help the Philippines

Last November 8, 2013 the largest typhoon/hurricane ever recorded in the world's history hit the Visayas region of the Philippines. Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda was unbelievably strong that it was hurricane Sandy and Katrina combined. The most affected area was in Tacloban City, Leyte because it was geographically situated along the ocean. The place was 95% washed out by the strong storm surge that is comparable to a tsunami. Other parts of the country affected are Samar, Cebu, Palawan, Capiz, Iloilo and rest of Leyte. The aftermath has left thousands of casualties. Lives and homes lost and the trauma it has left on the people who were unfortunate to experience this devastating tragedy. Here is a video from CNN that will break your heart.

This aerial photo is the before and after scenario of Tacloban City
I don't want to post more pictures of this tragedy because it crushes me especially thinking of the lives taken and the loved ones left behind. But you can help the victims through your donations thru different international organization. 

Here are some of the links that you can visit to help/donate

No Help is big or small, what matters most is that you made a huge difference in someones life. 

Throwback Thursday: Macau 2011

                  I haven't really finished my blog post on Macau and thus I am taking the opportunity of the Flashback Friday trends in social media. Macau is also a part of China  which was earlier on colonized by the Portuguese which explains why their language has Portuguese translations as well. We stayed day for one whole day just to visit famous places and of course take pictures. We took a ferry boat from Hong Kong to get there and I am still looking for the remaining pictures. (boohoo) I travelled with my two close friends - Jap and Anne.

Made a wish on this Church that we visited

We had to wear our jackets since it was 12 degrees that day.

We were just roaming around the places and surprisingly met a lot of Filipinos working. 

This is how the streets usually looked like

Finally after a lot of walking and uber tired feet, Here is the famous Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral
FACT:  The cathedral was built in 1602 and destroyed by fire in 1835. Only the southern stone facade remains today.
Thank you to fellow Pinoys who were generous enough of their time to snap some shots of us.

Overlooking Macau from the top of the RUINS.

I was kinda missing my Zoe and took a photo of this little tyke :)
The trip to the Ruins was sure tiring because we got lost a few times and had to walk back and forth just to get there. The place is somewhat similar of Hong Kongs. Honestly, the travel was longer than the time we stayed in the place LOL. Moreover, the short trip was fun with all the street food just about everywhere and so you'll never get worried getting hungry or thirsty. This is also the first place where I tasted the infamous milk tea :)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Instagram Sunday

Playing Jingle Bells and yes it's Christmas at home!

TBT! Circa 2006 Mom and Bro

OOTD: Top, OLD NAVY, Leggings, GAP, Boots, H&M, Sunnies, COACH, Bow, ETSY Find

Chubby Nerd

Freshly baked Banana Muffins with Chocolate Chips
Have a Blessed Sunday Everyone!


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

          Last 2012, October 31st wasn't a good time for trick or treating because it was snowing with rain drizzles hence Zoe wasn't able to wear her costume and enjoy the candy feast. Here in Winnipeg, everyone are dressing up from babies to adults walking everywhere around the city. Children mostly were accompanied by their parents in different villages. Houses, apartments and establishments are decorated with spooky stuff which are really far from where I grew up. In the Philippines, halloween isn't that celebrated as how it is here except for the middle class and above in exclusive villages or malls with specific fees for your child. Apparently, that set up is the opposite in Manitoba, everyone can go trick or treating anywhere. 

On our way to Garden City to get Zach's costume. Zoe was already giddy to wear her princess dress.

Tadah! My Batboy who got a number of hypes from the people around especially from the Wendys staff. 

Here are my bundles of joy. Zoe as a medieval princess and Zach my batman

Trick or treating only in one street because she was too tired. We just want her to experience it at least she has a good memory about her first experience.

Zoe with her Auntie Criza, giving out treats and look at those chocolate stained mouth.

If Zoe was a little more hardworking she could have gotten three folds of this. The Reese's are mine and all the peanut stuff because Zoe (unfortunately) has peanut allergy, too bad! :(

I hope everyone had a good halloween!