Monday, October 31, 2011

pink & purple hues

About the look, I was trying on this shades for the first time so bare with me. The eyeshadow was too light though but I think I'll have to put them heavier when I had to take a picture. Especially that my bff is here, I kinda have the energy to dress up or play around with make up. I'm using MAC x wonder woman in defiance and pink nouveau for my lips. Is going to a party that night and yes hello hangover!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

my Bestfriends' PINOY HENYO Proposal

Tense Lauro, He barely ate.


The couple

the culprit

ex lovers

potential lovers

the guessing game

touching 'yes'

engaged couple

14 years of friendship!
Need I say more? My bestfriend just got engaged. Lauro was all tense before the proposal. The ring, the tactic and keeping it a secret!!! But anyway, Finally! after 9 years something of the relationship, wedding bells!!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sweet Sundays

woke up saw this mouth watering red velvets from cake galerie

trying on her new sweet look (top from papa)

Got my pink nouveau lippy from my personal shopper (hun)

My mom brought those cuppies from her friends' cake shop and it was so delectable! Zoe even finished almost half of it. Paired it with a hot cappuccino and it's Heaven! I wish I could bake, I had a few attempts and I already mastered my brownies. I kinda stopped from baking because everything went to those curves! haha. 

Zoe on the other hand, tried her new blouse from her papa. He has such good taste. I also got my pasalubongs. We are so loved. Keeping our fingers crossed that the next two weeks would be good news. 

and to top it all... nothing is more sweeter than a Hallmark card and a personally handwritten message from my one and only. Love Love Love!