Monday, July 7, 2014

Zach is 1

These photos pretty much sums up how his birthday went. It was really fun that everybody were all into it and made time to attend the party. The gifts were overwhelming but more importantly, we are truly thankful that God gave us our little Zach. I'll be updating soon. Life is busy lately. LOL

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Winnipeg beach

My family had a random road trip toWinnipeg  beach. It was Zach's first longest trip of three hours. He was well behaved and just slept thoughout the travel. Good thing hubby stocked up on taylor swifts and katy perry's cd's to keep Zoe in the mood for some singing along. 

The sun was shinning and everyone I guess were out and about!:-) When I was still living in PI, the weather was all the same but here, its usually the first thing I check. And the weather was 27 degree celcius. Who wouldnt be glad? 

It is actually a lake, its just funny that the deeper part is as frozen as ice. The water  is freezing too but Zoe managed to take her little feet a dip. 

And look who found a friend? They were throwing pebbles and playing sand castle. 

We just brought a mat and feel the sand on our feet. Packed some light meal and a few chippy to munch. 

Look at my handsome lad, looking all chubby and adorable enjoying some sunshine. 

Zoe's evidence from eating those cupcakes. Kids playing in the sand looked priceless! I just cant hold on Zoe because she was all over the place.

We stayed for about 3 hours, had some famous ice cream and off back to winnipeg. The trip was short but we had a lot of family bonding :-) 

Lol! Sleepyheads :)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

May weather

April has been quite getting me off the keyboards because of work (mother duties as well). We have been mall rats lately like we were out even after work. We also have our usual parks and playplace. After the snow being cleared up, our itchy feet wont stop us from just fleeing wherever. I hope I dont see the snow in more months because its just too much that it makes you mad. If you live in Canada, you know why. So this season is what everybody's been waiting for - Spring! I love Spring because its still a bit chilly but  days are longer like sunsets at 9pm and i love it! We can have some barbeque sessions and prolly a glass of Moscato (I can now have a few sips). I can wear slip ons and no warmers! 

Here are random photos we had this afternoon at a carnival by the mall. 

Zoe riding this for the first time, I was a bit hesitant about this but she was eager to do it so I gave it a go. We couldnt stop laughing seeing her serious reaction. She looked scared but was hiding it yet by the end of the cycle, she gave me a thumbs up. 

This now she was already having fun. It was cute though that she was already getting the hang if it and said it was awesome. We also rode the Ferrys wheel sans the photo because we ran out of battery (boo) although we promise to be back because it was indeed fun. Now, we cant wait for river ex. 

After that fun aftie, the kids were knocked out in bed. Random plans are by far the best ones, 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Instagram Sunday

|selfie|we got shades|my go to makeup|my Zoe|kitchenaid got at clearance price| 

Busy week ahead, review, work, motherhood, wifey duties! 


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Disney on Ice

Last February 21st my family watched Disney on Ice at the MTS Centre despite the below 30's weather. It was spectacular because the characters were surreal and their skating forms were astounding! I guess it is the child in me that really brings me the amazement for Disney characters especially the Princesses and Heroes.  Zach was very behaved since I bought his drinks and snacks. While my Princess Zoe, on the other hand, can't keep her eyes off the eyes. There were a number of Disney novelty items sold and my Zoe can't stop pointing on everything she likes. She has her child tax anyway and it was suppose to be her night, we just gave in. 

 My childhood favourite love team! Jasmine and Alladin (everyone singing along)

 Here is Us 

 Kids were amazed with the fire stints from Sleeping BeautyDisney on Ice

Here is a video Mark, whom I never thought would have enjoyed the whole show, took. We capped the night with a cup of Tims (drive thru) while the kids snoozed in the car.