Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Printed white top, Urban Outfitters / Hotpink Blazer, Ann Taylor / Carrot Pants, Oxygen / Sunnies, Kate Spade, Necklaces, DIY. Bracelets, Random Finds

I finally had the effort on taking photos because I was very excited to wear my new necklaces on. The sad thing is... the pictures are blurry because brotherhood was still sleeping and so I had no choice but to use the tripod. I'm not really used with finding angles and all... that is why some photos were cut or mostly bad angles :( 

This is not flattering at all but I have to show my blurry necklaces :( I guess I need a remote for my cam and not use the timer because it wastes so much time. And while my baby Zoe is still asleep, the kikay mom is doing her kababawan. hehe.

I wish hubby is around to take my photos without complaints. :) Hopefully very very SOON!

SOON to be available online! and everything are CHEAP! Still thinking on selling at multiply.

More accessories coming soon. 


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake!

I know hubby would really be happy seeing  Zoe wear this top which he was very proud of having good taste. Isn't she so adorable? :) Her hair kinda wet because I gave her a brisk bath to freshen her up. Too sad her Hello Kitty watch wasn't really clear. Too cute! I so dig cute things.

I just love the details. Peter Pan collar anyone? Got the top for just 70 php ($ 1.67) Thanks to thrift buys and credits to Uyanguren (for those who know about this place). It is the place to be! 

The cake and the so yummy cupcakes!!! 

Cute right? It also had an engraved name of Athena here! Ate Gladys bakes the best!

Birthday Girl with SSC Host :D

Love this <3 so candid

Friendships I miss a lot...

I just love the pop of colors! I will try my best to learn photoshop. Where can I get free apps?????? 

joycee <3

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

someone like you..

blings and LV (mom's not mine :( )

This week was fine and the whole waiting is being stressful!!! I was thinking making this my new header... I don't know where my edited version was placed in my drive. My peg has always been flowy and girly but nowadays, it just wont work out. Tummy fats, man arms and the list goes on. Been trying to get back in shape. Had 5k run/walk for 3x a week now (at least) but the weather isn't just cooperating. 

I miss clothes. I miss wearing them without being too conscious! Hormones had been taking over me lately. And the husband isn't supportive at all. I'll have to work it on my own. Imagine being laughed at your emotions. How could that be even a person? 

Anyway, I was watching a morning show today and I got carried away. I was glued on my seat realizing I was crying all over. And Adele's Someone like you was being played as the background music. I thought I already got through being too affected. But it made me feel better after. The emotions were so real you can feel it. 

Too much drama. I am still needing some inspiration for my new collection of accessories. I just don't have the drive yet. And a realization: Even if you love each other, it doesn't mean you'll have the happy ending because sometimes love is not enough to keep the fire burning. 


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

we started out at coffee.....

x coffee cat's mocha latte x
x k1's champagne, pizza, tacos x
x trina and THE MASCARA x
x my champagne, padded snakeskin top and blue eyes x 
x shaine and her sexy shourlders! x

<3 joycee

Smokin' Hot Eyes! LOL

A preview from our make up sesh with BFF's still waiting for the uploads. 

I Love Urban Decay! They are true to their color! swear! 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Finally had my tools working on my Hands.

These are a few of the new accessories I just made... Everything are sold out (selling them too) I began this hobby when I was 19 and turned out to be fun. Made it as business as well. I remember back then that I made my 5k capital to 20k! :) Thinking of doing more crafting while waiting..... keeping my fingers crossed!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

endless talks!

 Met up with my BFF's for some coffee but ended up staying up late till 5am in morning! imagine???? Anyway, we met just to talk about anything like what we usually do. Random things from talking about other people's problem and rationalizing or just feeling the situation. That was fun for us. We don't act like grown ups or something too 27 year old things. And after 3 hours of chatting, we barely finished our drinks because there was no room for drinking. 3 of us having our own little world.

just one out of our tons of bathroom shots! 

More blogging of how the night went out! gotta catch some sleep! 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

What kept me from blogging

For the past 3 months my blog was really 'empty'. Most of my posts are just about things I bought or some events illustrated through pictures without details. I had been busy with work, chores and Zoe. Yes, work! I thought that I would just have fun doing it. My students are fun and some minor glitches are normal. I get to talk to people in different walks of life but the pressure of the admin is really getting into my nerves. It's just that it doesn't reciprocate my effort especially for my TOEFL and IELTS with the off the rules deductions I had. My dad has been blabbing about their 'attitude' well now, I believed him. My dad worked in the States for a decade and he had encountered different nationalities from all over the world. I already told my husband about it beforehand and he was the one who told me to resign especially from the typographical incident. I simply didn't want to discuss, I'm just the silent bomb. Why would I burden myself if I can't take the rules?! I am actually really worried about my student, they had already adapted to my teaching but we have to move on.

The next very few months will all be laid back.  I'll just concentrate with my family because I know next year will all be work work and work! Anyong!