Tuesday, November 22, 2011

someone like you..

blings and LV (mom's not mine :( )

This week was fine and the whole waiting is being stressful!!! I was thinking making this my new header... I don't know where my edited version was placed in my drive. My peg has always been flowy and girly but nowadays, it just wont work out. Tummy fats, man arms and the list goes on. Been trying to get back in shape. Had 5k run/walk for 3x a week now (at least) but the weather isn't just cooperating. 

I miss clothes. I miss wearing them without being too conscious! Hormones had been taking over me lately. And the husband isn't supportive at all. I'll have to work it on my own. Imagine being laughed at your emotions. How could that be even a person? 

Anyway, I was watching a morning show today and I got carried away. I was glued on my seat realizing I was crying all over. And Adele's Someone like you was being played as the background music. I thought I already got through being too affected. But it made me feel better after. The emotions were so real you can feel it. 

Too much drama. I am still needing some inspiration for my new collection of accessories. I just don't have the drive yet. And a realization: Even if you love each other, it doesn't mean you'll have the happy ending because sometimes love is not enough to keep the fire burning. 


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