Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Printed white top, Urban Outfitters / Hotpink Blazer, Ann Taylor / Carrot Pants, Oxygen / Sunnies, Kate Spade, Necklaces, DIY. Bracelets, Random Finds

I finally had the effort on taking photos because I was very excited to wear my new necklaces on. The sad thing is... the pictures are blurry because brotherhood was still sleeping and so I had no choice but to use the tripod. I'm not really used with finding angles and all... that is why some photos were cut or mostly bad angles :( 

This is not flattering at all but I have to show my blurry necklaces :( I guess I need a remote for my cam and not use the timer because it wastes so much time. And while my baby Zoe is still asleep, the kikay mom is doing her kababawan. hehe.

I wish hubby is around to take my photos without complaints. :) Hopefully very very SOON!

SOON to be available online! and everything are CHEAP! Still thinking on selling at multiply.

More accessories coming soon. 


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