Sunday, July 31, 2011

Silver and Pearls

My grandmothers, My mom's and mine.. soon for Zoe's

just a few of my blings. More to come!

Friday, July 29, 2011


a man's guide to her girl...

1. JUDGE HER FRIENDS. Girls will do have all sorts of friends and despite what their personalities are they are friends. You can never chose friends for her. Even that friend is bitchy or what but when your girl needs someone, that friends is always there for her.

2. CRITICIZE HER MOM. Moms can really be annoying at times or minds so much of your business but remember, her Mom is very special to her. During times when your girl needs someone to understand her, only Moms do! They can be hell to be with but when you already have those cute little angels, Mom is always there to turn to. If you criticize her mom, it's just like criticizing her.

3. TELL HER SHE'S UNATTRACTIVE. Every girl would really put an effort to look good for his man. She may loose or gain to much weight which by the way make her unattractive but don't dare tell her that. It is okay to remind her but you know girls do need assurance that no matter how they looked like, they are still beautiful. (you love her right?) In that way she'll be more conscious on her looks minus feeling bad about herself. Girls do get very sensitive most of the time and you must be the first person to make her feel good.

4. QUESTION HER OPINIONS. That is why it is called an opinion right? Nobody gets the right answer. You can tell your own opinion too and that is why it is called a discussion. Sharing each other's thoughts? C'mon! You can't possibly tell her what to think, you can open her eyes through your point but you MUST respect what she says too right?

5. BRING OUT HER HORRIBLE PASTS. Past is past. If you still bring that out, you are just creating a fight and the fact that you can't change it won't do anything good. Girls hate being cornered about her past especially when it was already discussed and closed. What is the whole point of it?

6. COMPARE HER TO YOUR MOM. Your Mom is an individual and each individual is unique. You can't expect her to be exactly like her. If you are, then you should still be inside your Mom's belly! Your girl may not be the best cook or an excellent masseur but you know she's trying. And give her the credits for that. You have your Mom and she is not her.

7. READ HER DIARY. Every girl has a privacy to her own thoughts. It is like a secret garden of thorns and roses. You can't just read it. Even if you are a couple, it doesn't mean you can access everything right? Like do you want her to come with you during boys' night outs?

8. NEVER TAKE HER TO DATES. It does not require fancy things. Simple stuff will do. A walk by the park or an afternoon in your favorite place/restaurant. As long as you make a special time for the two of you to reconnect. We all have our busy times but we should stop and smell the flowers right? Watch the sunset because every sunset is unique. Make her feel special. "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"

9. CALL HER NAMES.Who says they wanna be called names? Even if how upset or mad you are. NEVER EVER call her names. You don't wanna be called an *ssh*le either for sure! Stick with the argument and try your best not to cross beyond the boundaries.

10. HIDE SECRETS FROM HER. Even if it was the smallest thing but you know you have the slight guilt of not telling her especially during your relationship it may be regarding work, health or family. She's part of the union or family and even if she can't literally help she's there behind your back. You must make her feel that you need her too.

Every girl may come in different sizes and shapes but remember, they must be handled with lots of care. Nobody will love and accept you like your girl.


My favorite! My tita just sent me!!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Body Lovin'

Most of us have something excessive and lacking in our bodies. Human that we are, we don't get satisfied. I myself have excessive frontal asset. Not that I'm not happy, yes there are moments when I like it but when it comes to fitting clothes, I just get frustrated. I can't wear the clothes that I want and if ever I did, I had to wear it a size bigger and turns out to have a bad proportion on my body. While I lack behind assets. I sometimes wear this fake pads just to put some sexy-ness though I am very conscious if it's noticeable. But it gives me alot of confidence to wear fitted jeans. I don't have plans of implants though or maybe I don't have enough sources yet. =p

That is my share of insecurity. I just don't know with you guys. But I think we all have our own slice of cake. Like being fat (ehem). Okay this is me again, I gained almost 50lbs when I got pregnant.. and I shed 40lbs already but still I'm macho like that. I didn't force myself to wear my pre pregnancy clothes either. I knew it would just crush my heart. I changed my wardrobe. Oh yes! Expensive! I can't buy free size anymore. That is why most of my clothes are: 

Long Tops are great to make torso's look longer and it hides bulges especially when paired off  with leggings.
Think of balance. You don't wanna look  OVERSIZED.

Oversized V-necked shirts are good to show some bones which gives an illusion of  a long neck. 

Blazers make a simple outfit look stunning plus it hides those macho arms and it  draws more attention to  your top.
Tip: Wear a statement shirt or something eye catching to  make it more casual and playful.

My comfort clothes. When in doubt, wear button up polos. You can create alot of style with these.
You can pair this with almost anything. Wear a pretty necklace to  give it some zest.

Sheer/Chiffon top. What I like about this it looks sexy but it's not revealing. You don't have to show those skin  to be vavavoom! Wear a good brassiere for these, you don't want some peek-a-boos. Nude straps!

Laidback Shirt. This is nice when just going to malls while pairing it off with denim shorts , woven belts,
oversized bag or a fedora hat to spice up the look.

Rompers. It's easy breezy... Choose the loose one so that you won't look like sardines (hehe) The shortness of the shorts is enough to balance. Excessorize!

Photo credits from

This type of clothing matches my body type. I am an inverted triangle. As much as I want to be an hour glass. Nah! Go dress up your body type because no matter what size we are if we wear the right clothes, we all look good and pleasant. I guess there is always a solution in every problem. If you are plump, you can go easy with food (easier said than done). It's for health reasons as well but NEVER be shy or not confident with your body. Instead of concealing everything, emphasize/highlight what you got. Nice legs? Wear shorts. Nice feet? Wear strappy shoes. Nice hair? Wear it down. Nice assets? Flaunt it.

Stop looking at the flaws. I used to do that but then I realized, I only have two choices: BE happy of what you have because life is too short to worry about things we can't change (not that we can't do anything). But if you must, do it for yourself not for others who pressure or criticize you. We all are beautiful no matter how excessive or lacking we have.

So, what is your body type? 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Love it!

Coca cola can in Glass! Got it from Mcdo and it's sooo cute!!! Thinking of barbecue in the garden. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Zoe's top 5 picks

Here are Zoe's top 5 must haves.

1. Avent bottle. She tried other brands bur only Avent worked for her. It never leaks, it's easy to assemble and the durability is amazing!

Avent is quite pricey but it's worth it. They sell it cheaper online just make sure it's authentic. 

2. Johnson's baby wipes. The moisturizing ingredient is very effective. It is very absorbent and fragrant free. 

A must! great for diaper change

3. Prokids Diapers. She never gets rashes from Prokids and the fit is perfect for my chubby Zoe. She never experienced any leaks especially during sleep time. (Mamy Poko is also good, but not too practical, I like the slip on though)

I think I should audition Zoe for an AD. lol

4. Mcdonalds' French fries. She's crazy about it. I don't really spoil her too much with this. I only give her this kind of food during weekends. But on weekdays, I stick with arroz caldo, Cerelac, squash, rice with meat and some fruits. 

She can't help it! LOL. My new bribe when I want her to behave

5. Her Totally Spies' chucks. Aside from my being uber cute, I don't like seeing babies using dalaga shoes. They are babies/toddlers and not suppose to look like teenagers. Make kids kids. Especially when walking, they need to balance. She can't wear heels until she's 2 and a half! LOL. 

Her chubby whubby feet. 

So, what your baby's top picks?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Heart Paris

Bonjour loveys!

I always dreamed of a romantic getaway in Paris. Hunny and I should plan it after everything has been settled. Like 5 years from now? Why not! I do wish to shorten it to 3  years. Maningkamot jud ug taman! I just like the feel of going to the museums ala Da Vinci Code. Wearing a pretty hat, a white trench coat, Louboutins and a PRADA.Go lang ng Go!

Eiffel Tower with a glass of Champagne.

One of my ALL time favorite Movies! and how fascinating it would be to watch it LIVE!
"diamonds are a girls bestfriend..." 

Seine River while on a boat

Paris it is! The world is such a beautiful place so many things to do and places to see. I want to experience Paris! Imagine: reading a book in a coffee shop, introspecting, intellectually-stimulating conversations, sweet nothings with Hunny and observing fashion. Heaven! And trying to speak French. Merci! All I could think is Audrey Hepburn. 

For now, I'll stick with this, a keychain that my thoughtful friend, Raissa, gave me after her trip to Paris <3

Dream destination #1: Paris, France

Où est votre destination de rêve?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Zoe's 1st birthday twinkle

My birthday girl! :)

When I didn't know yet that I was pregnant, the first thing that I noticed was being too sleepy. Imagine, I slept in a movie theater with 2012 on the show! Plus, everytime I close my eyes, all I ever thought was Chowking's Halo-halo. And to prove that I was indeed positive, I had a lab test. 

My pregnancy was kinda hard. Morning sickness was taking over me. I had to puke every now and then. My body was feeling weird. My stomach was shouting for food every minute. I was a hairline from being diabetic, I had hypertension and I needed to be on bed rest most of the time. My mood swings were very dramatic. 

Everything swelled. Taken when I was around 7 to 8 months. Zoe was already becoming an acrobat. 

the cutiepie! 

It was all worth the pain. Her smile just take the blues all away. I could never be happier! Life changed with Zoe. Zoe means life by the way. And she is our LIFE. 

her cupcakes from Ate Gladys. We still celebrated her real birthday. And I just noticed that the baby princess was also chubby and curly. LOL!

fascinated with Jollibee. 

Being a Mom is very fulfilling and rewarding. I love you my Zoe. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Who doesn't love shoes? Raise you hair! I'm kinda giddy with excitement when I saw Charles and Keith to open in Abreeza mall but hubby just reminded me to scrimp on my WANTS. In other words shoes, bags, clothes are for my eyes only and not on my HANDS. Priority priority! Gotta work hard for those.

Blake Lively in CL. Love everything about her and her style!

Would gladly put these on my feet!!!!

Charles and Keith. I'm a Wedge Feet. 

Shoes are worthy investments! It's a statement and any boring outfit will surely be given an OOOMPH! Like they say 'good shoes takes you to good places'.

What feet are you loveys?

Angelina Jolie for Louis Vuitton

Oh-so-natural! photo from here:

According to the article Jolie didn't wear any make-up on. She wore her own clothes by the way. Angelina is just so stunning with anything on her. This was taken at Cambodia with Brad and 4 kids during the shoot. And I so can't wait for my own bag. Own as in bought with my own money. Lol!

Any goal bag loveys? :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Pancake Diaries

I have my love and hate rela tionships with Pancakes lately. I just love how soft it touches my mouth and hates the feeling afterwards. I guess I just feel Hunny with me when I'm with pancakes. He so love my home made pancakes and I promise to make him a whole lot more. But for now, my comfort food!

From Chicco de Cafe: Wasn't satisfied (fail) my pancakes were better =) but I loved the Frap!

During my birthday! Treated myself for this Banana something Pancakes from Pancake House! Winner!

My Chocolate Marble Pancake. From the stress I had at PRC. Pancake House again but this time going Solo. 

So what are your comfort food loveys? 

Friday, July 15, 2011

You've got Nails!

The past 2 weeks was very stressful that I don't even have time for myself. I had been experiencing some emotional turmoil (exag) lol but however you define it! It's been 2 months since I went to my favorite nail salon since we moved to our original house.

Using ORLY in Porcelain White

It is one of the new colors from ORLY which I so love! It's not too bold and too boring at the same time. Sakto lang! =p 

Haha! don't mind the veins but I sooooo love the color <3

Porcelain White
(You can also order through the owner of Nail Bar)

Manipeds are stress relieving aside from not breaking the bank. And where did I had it? At The Nail Bar. It's Beside Ateneo Gradeschool. The place is quiet, relaxing and comfortable :) They are very hygienic and the staffs are really friendly and accommodating. You don't get those creepy triangle nails (sorry!hehe) but FAB pretty nails! It's modern and highly recommended! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

60 minute- outfit

Manong guard of DFA was so strict to let me pass. I was wearing not really the short shorts but more of the corporate shorts ( I don't exactly know if there is a term for that) But didn't let me in still. He totally ignored me and so I was thinking hard what to do. Should I go home? or should I buy leggings? I opted to buy leggings since the department store was nearer than my house. But pairing it with leggings didn't match at all. So, I used my frugal skills in buying a whole outfit with just 3 digits.

The top was from Juana, the high waist skirt was from the department store and the gold pointed ballet flats was from MUJ (cheap yet stylish korean shoes). Plus I got 15% discount for having a shoppers card. The look was corporate/casual. I guess returning to DFA gave Manong guard his brows raised. PAK! Good thing the store just opened and so I was almost the only one raiding the clothes. Done at exactly an hour!