Saturday, July 23, 2011

Zoe's top 5 picks

Here are Zoe's top 5 must haves.

1. Avent bottle. She tried other brands bur only Avent worked for her. It never leaks, it's easy to assemble and the durability is amazing!

Avent is quite pricey but it's worth it. They sell it cheaper online just make sure it's authentic. 

2. Johnson's baby wipes. The moisturizing ingredient is very effective. It is very absorbent and fragrant free. 

A must! great for diaper change

3. Prokids Diapers. She never gets rashes from Prokids and the fit is perfect for my chubby Zoe. She never experienced any leaks especially during sleep time. (Mamy Poko is also good, but not too practical, I like the slip on though)

I think I should audition Zoe for an AD. lol

4. Mcdonalds' French fries. She's crazy about it. I don't really spoil her too much with this. I only give her this kind of food during weekends. But on weekdays, I stick with arroz caldo, Cerelac, squash, rice with meat and some fruits. 

She can't help it! LOL. My new bribe when I want her to behave

5. Her Totally Spies' chucks. Aside from my being uber cute, I don't like seeing babies using dalaga shoes. They are babies/toddlers and not suppose to look like teenagers. Make kids kids. Especially when walking, they need to balance. She can't wear heels until she's 2 and a half! LOL. 

Her chubby whubby feet. 

So, what your baby's top picks?


  1. my 7 month old son and I also love Avent bottles. nice blog! hopping by :)

  2. thank you raine! :) i know right! Avent really is worth it! :)