Friday, July 15, 2011

You've got Nails!

The past 2 weeks was very stressful that I don't even have time for myself. I had been experiencing some emotional turmoil (exag) lol but however you define it! It's been 2 months since I went to my favorite nail salon since we moved to our original house.

Using ORLY in Porcelain White

It is one of the new colors from ORLY which I so love! It's not too bold and too boring at the same time. Sakto lang! =p 

Haha! don't mind the veins but I sooooo love the color <3

Porcelain White
(You can also order through the owner of Nail Bar)

Manipeds are stress relieving aside from not breaking the bank. And where did I had it? At The Nail Bar. It's Beside Ateneo Gradeschool. The place is quiet, relaxing and comfortable :) They are very hygienic and the staffs are really friendly and accommodating. You don't get those creepy triangle nails (sorry!hehe) but FAB pretty nails! It's modern and highly recommended! 


  1. I love orly nail polish too! :-) i usually get my mani pedi fix at Hairzone abreeza. They have the poshest spa room.

  2. really? my friend Jap, also recommended hairzone. i'll try it one of these days! thanks! :)

  3. of course jap would recommend hairzone. sosyo ata sila ng pinsan ko dun. ;)

  4. i know right! i'm kinda like autistic lng with my nails. im scared to have my manipeds just with anyone. i had a horror with triangle nails. hehe