Tuesday, July 12, 2011

60 minute- outfit

Manong guard of DFA was so strict to let me pass. I was wearing not really the short shorts but more of the corporate shorts ( I don't exactly know if there is a term for that) But didn't let me in still. He totally ignored me and so I was thinking hard what to do. Should I go home? or should I buy leggings? I opted to buy leggings since the department store was nearer than my house. But pairing it with leggings didn't match at all. So, I used my frugal skills in buying a whole outfit with just 3 digits.

The top was from Juana, the high waist skirt was from the department store and the gold pointed ballet flats was from MUJ (cheap yet stylish korean shoes). Plus I got 15% discount for having a shoppers card. The look was corporate/casual. I guess returning to DFA gave Manong guard his brows raised. PAK! Good thing the store just opened and so I was almost the only one raiding the clothes. Done at exactly an hour!

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