Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fuchsia truly asia

dress, Gmall

shoes, Payless

The dress I wore is still on the display the last time I checked *bashful* Zoe accidentally pressed the cam and took a shot of me while I was preparing. Excuse the still big post baby belly. When will you ever shrink???! LOL It wasn't bad at all though and it was the only photo taken with my whole outfit. My ex co-tutors wasn't that savvy  with my cam and so most of takes were either blurry or overexposed. :( 

My shoes though was a little bit out of place because the location was set in the garden and it was rainy... The heels literally sank in the soil. Eww. Sorry for being too descriptive. Haha. Luckily my shoes survived! We really didn't feel the celebration much because of the annoying downpour... Candi and I had to leave because she lives all the way in the South and her hubby was already waiting outside. Lol. They are so cute that they still have that bantay bantay moments. 

About the outfit, It was random. As usual I didn't want to spend so it was all on sale. Payless is having it's crazy sale. I had the shoes for 70% off. It's not hard to dispose too. 


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Photo Diary for Grace's Wedding

x with Candi, my pretty friend
x table centerpiece
x the couple
x my clutch, oversized pearl ring & cracked nails :)
x confetti 
x my gift

How was your Saturday? It was rainy though -_-


Brother's Birthday at Coco's

 with my makulit na Zoe :) 

 The baby back ribs are really DIVINE!

Carbonara for my cutie patootie

Cheeseburger Pizza! My fam's all time favorite

We celebrated my Bro's birthday at Coco's also in lieu with the Chinese New Year (be we aren't Chinese at all) Makisawsaw lang! hehe 

Have you noticed my header? Finally after 48 years of my boring header, I finally changed them. Hope you like them too. 

Coco's Restaurant is located at Torres St. Davao City. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

diy: Turban

scarf, Accessorize

I kinda noticed that most bloggers do the Turban effect. Well, I thought instead of spending on turbans why not modify the scarf right? And so I started from the back to front, made two knots at the front, finished it by tucking the remaining ends at the back leaving it tightly snugged in.

Monday, January 23, 2012


 All that glitters! Her closet are filled with these kind of shirts

 New in: Crocs ballet shoes from her godmother
 Her loot of clips, ribbons and bows (had to take a photo before she grabbed them)

Had to put stickers because she might get mad when she gets a little older. lol! trying her headband on.

This is my 18 month old not-so-baby baby :) She's been alot of milestones already and I'm always excited for her new tricks. She can now pretend singing using her mic and trying on my shoes! I'm thrilled for more girly adventures with my daughter! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Trendspotting: Mullet Skirt

photocredits from google

I think this is one of my favorite trend. A mini and maxi skirt in one. This is so sexy and classy at the same time. It shows a part of your legs but still has this mysterious effect. It is also versatile because it can go from street to runway. I want one! 

I've been a little busy lately. Review, review and lots of review. I was pretty challenged getting high grades and today was my lucky day. I did bag the highest today in our practice test. I felt a bit of security for the final exam. Wish me luck.

Have you watched the news lately? The impeachment trial has been quite entertaining and interesting.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Fringes overload...

Look what a boring friday could do! do you like it? :)

Friday was supposed to be my LTO day, I had to renew my license but yesterday night, my friend called and invited me for a trip to Paradise Island in Samal today and so I said yes. Unfortunately, she missed her flight to Davao and had to move it in the afternoon. So, I was unproductive the whole day and instead of studying (oops!) I was in the mood for my tools. And Tadah! hope you like it 

And so, from the beach plan, we ended up at Starbucks. I had to leave early because Zoe was already looking for me. Endless talks of course and it deserves a part 2. I was wearing the fringe necklace that I made. Too bad, I had no outfit shots. No time for breaks because It was all talking. But anyway, I wore a jumpsuit and a purple kimono silk cardigan :) It was rainy and it was all that I had that was dry!!! LOL. 


Thursday, January 12, 2012


I've been active with blogging since November and I'm pretty overwhelmed with my blog hits
so when my blog hits 3000, I will be giving out GIVEAWAYS! I'm shallow like that, so please hit my blog to reach 3000. lol! :) 


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Random Photos with friends. That's how you see Ateneo High School. Every group is always related to another group and that's why, we also come in big packages. College was really fun but real friends were found during high school. We may be old but the fun never felt different from when we were 13. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Betty Boop Pop

Nothing is actually new, I just saw this thrifted oversized blouse, which is by the way from Versace ;p, in my Mom's closet and it kinda gave an idea to use it as a blazer... so 80's right? :) Thank you for my trusty timer for giving me a nice focus with my slr. boo! I just wore a basic tank in yellow and denim shorts to go with it to minimize the unflattering effect of the blazer. An LV bag and some gold flats. 

Just random accessories. A wooden bangle, brass charmed bracelet and a faux leather cuff that I actually 'pimped'. Yes, I'm using pimped. lol. 

Tadah! Instead of inserting letters (which is too common) I decided to put some fringes and heart charms. The straps had different colors and I'm thinking of buying lots of them. I can put studs to channel a rocker vibe or some more tassels. what do you think? 

I'm home on a Saturday evening. This is now my unusually usual days. I need to review two exams. I had to watch over my Zoe, she's a little bit sick ;( 


Tuesday, January 3, 2012


maxi skirt, SOUL

Hello 2012! It's funny that the first photo still had tags on! LOL
Anyway, I'm maximizing this maxi skirt in different styles and I'm still clueless of what other looks I can do with it.  Actually I was just a bit persuaded by the sales lady to get this skirt since it kinda looked good if it was paired off with a blazer and a low line top. 

I've been thinking for the past days on what my NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS will be and I came up to my top 5.

1. SAVE, SAVE & SAVE! (no question's asked!)
2. Eat HEALTHY as in I should watch my BP and Sugar since it runs wild in our genes.
3. Read more books
4. Be more POSITIVE.
5. Control my TEMPER. :/

The clock is really ticking and I still have alot of things to take care before leaving. I have to take my IELTS exam since the last one just expired. IKR! They expire bad for me and I have to spend roughly $250 for that, so NO shopping for me. I'm also selling most of clothes that I can't use when I leave. Wish me luck I can finish all these. Keeping my fingers crossed!


Joycee :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Food Diaries

Happy New Year Guys! Our peg was Chinese food for our New Year's celebration. The desserts were luscious too but wasn't able to take photos except for the doughnuts. We were just in our house clothes so it was nothing fab. The food was divine! We ordered everything from Ahfat (famous Chinese food here in Davao City) Their sweet and sour fish was the best I've tasted!

Might be spending my last New Year for not-so-long time... :(i hope! Our passports were just sent to the embassy so anytime soon, Zoe and I are leaving. I will miss the food. I still have  alot of backlog so I will be posting more soon. 

2011 was a good year. I got married to my soulmate, celebrated the first year of my baby love, got approved for our visa, good health for me and my family... Good or bad experiences, it's the lessons we learned that we take with on 2012. 

Let's get it on 2012!