Friday, January 13, 2012

Fringes overload...

Look what a boring friday could do! do you like it? :)

Friday was supposed to be my LTO day, I had to renew my license but yesterday night, my friend called and invited me for a trip to Paradise Island in Samal today and so I said yes. Unfortunately, she missed her flight to Davao and had to move it in the afternoon. So, I was unproductive the whole day and instead of studying (oops!) I was in the mood for my tools. And Tadah! hope you like it 

And so, from the beach plan, we ended up at Starbucks. I had to leave early because Zoe was already looking for me. Endless talks of course and it deserves a part 2. I was wearing the fringe necklace that I made. Too bad, I had no outfit shots. No time for breaks because It was all talking. But anyway, I wore a jumpsuit and a purple kimono silk cardigan :) It was rainy and it was all that I had that was dry!!! LOL. 



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