Tuesday, January 3, 2012


maxi skirt, SOUL

Hello 2012! It's funny that the first photo still had tags on! LOL
Anyway, I'm maximizing this maxi skirt in different styles and I'm still clueless of what other looks I can do with it.  Actually I was just a bit persuaded by the sales lady to get this skirt since it kinda looked good if it was paired off with a blazer and a low line top. 

I've been thinking for the past days on what my NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS will be and I came up to my top 5.

1. SAVE, SAVE & SAVE! (no question's asked!)
2. Eat HEALTHY as in I should watch my BP and Sugar since it runs wild in our genes.
3. Read more books
4. Be more POSITIVE.
5. Control my TEMPER. :/

The clock is really ticking and I still have alot of things to take care before leaving. I have to take my IELTS exam since the last one just expired. IKR! They expire bad for me and I have to spend roughly $250 for that, so NO shopping for me. I'm also selling most of clothes that I can't use when I leave. Wish me luck I can finish all these. Keeping my fingers crossed!


Joycee :)


  1. what country are ou migrating to? :)

  2. hey kristine! im leaving for Canada :)

  3. Oh..goodluck sweetie! Everything will fall into places! :) Good luck on the migrate and don't forget us! :) Nice maxi skirt btw!

  4. thanks sissies! :) i will also check out your blog and your uber fab shoes!