Saturday, January 7, 2012

Betty Boop Pop

Nothing is actually new, I just saw this thrifted oversized blouse, which is by the way from Versace ;p, in my Mom's closet and it kinda gave an idea to use it as a blazer... so 80's right? :) Thank you for my trusty timer for giving me a nice focus with my slr. boo! I just wore a basic tank in yellow and denim shorts to go with it to minimize the unflattering effect of the blazer. An LV bag and some gold flats. 

Just random accessories. A wooden bangle, brass charmed bracelet and a faux leather cuff that I actually 'pimped'. Yes, I'm using pimped. lol. 

Tadah! Instead of inserting letters (which is too common) I decided to put some fringes and heart charms. The straps had different colors and I'm thinking of buying lots of them. I can put studs to channel a rocker vibe or some more tassels. what do you think? 

I'm home on a Saturday evening. This is now my unusually usual days. I need to review two exams. I had to watch over my Zoe, she's a little bit sick ;( 



  1. Love the bracelet with the tassels. ;)