Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fuchsia truly asia

dress, Gmall

shoes, Payless

The dress I wore is still on the display the last time I checked *bashful* Zoe accidentally pressed the cam and took a shot of me while I was preparing. Excuse the still big post baby belly. When will you ever shrink???! LOL It wasn't bad at all though and it was the only photo taken with my whole outfit. My ex co-tutors wasn't that savvy  with my cam and so most of takes were either blurry or overexposed. :( 

My shoes though was a little bit out of place because the location was set in the garden and it was rainy... The heels literally sank in the soil. Eww. Sorry for being too descriptive. Haha. Luckily my shoes survived! We really didn't feel the celebration much because of the annoying downpour... Candi and I had to leave because she lives all the way in the South and her hubby was already waiting outside. Lol. They are so cute that they still have that bantay bantay moments. 

About the outfit, It was random. As usual I didn't want to spend so it was all on sale. Payless is having it's crazy sale. I had the shoes for 70% off. It's not hard to dispose too. 


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