Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Food Diaries

Happy New Year Guys! Our peg was Chinese food for our New Year's celebration. The desserts were luscious too but wasn't able to take photos except for the doughnuts. We were just in our house clothes so it was nothing fab. The food was divine! We ordered everything from Ahfat (famous Chinese food here in Davao City) Their sweet and sour fish was the best I've tasted!

Might be spending my last New Year for not-so-long time... :(i hope! Our passports were just sent to the embassy so anytime soon, Zoe and I are leaving. I will miss the food. I still have  alot of backlog so I will be posting more soon. 

2011 was a good year. I got married to my soulmate, celebrated the first year of my baby love, got approved for our visa, good health for me and my family... Good or bad experiences, it's the lessons we learned that we take with on 2012. 

Let's get it on 2012!


  1. We had Ahfat takeout for New Year Eve's too! Sooo Davao. Haha. Nice blog :)

  2. hey kat! soo davao jud! :) and thanks for dropping by...