Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fierce Fierce Fierce!

Fierce ang peg! Experimenting with my camera and finally discovered that I can be un-tanned in my images. I was trying to experiment photoshop and my face too. I guess, I need to work on the eyebrows more. I'm slowly completing my 'make up' must haves. My next project is the eyebrow pencil Kris Aquino is using. I just hope I wont get my eyes shocked from the price. Or else, I'll settle with cheap brands. For my eyes, I used MAC wonderwoman in defiance. Blush love thing on my cheeks and Fuchsia on my lepzzz. And a MAC eyeliner. I was inspired watching Michelle Phan's make up tutorials and ended up with this face. I also need a red lip liner. Next peg: RED LIPS. It's just so boring I have no one to beautify for. I wish I'll soon be with hunny love. And discovered a new favorite blog to read! Divine Lees! very entertaining!

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