Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Body Lovin'

Most of us have something excessive and lacking in our bodies. Human that we are, we don't get satisfied. I myself have excessive frontal asset. Not that I'm not happy, yes there are moments when I like it but when it comes to fitting clothes, I just get frustrated. I can't wear the clothes that I want and if ever I did, I had to wear it a size bigger and turns out to have a bad proportion on my body. While I lack behind assets. I sometimes wear this fake pads just to put some sexy-ness though I am very conscious if it's noticeable. But it gives me alot of confidence to wear fitted jeans. I don't have plans of implants though or maybe I don't have enough sources yet. =p

That is my share of insecurity. I just don't know with you guys. But I think we all have our own slice of cake. Like being fat (ehem). Okay this is me again, I gained almost 50lbs when I got pregnant.. and I shed 40lbs already but still I'm macho like that. I didn't force myself to wear my pre pregnancy clothes either. I knew it would just crush my heart. I changed my wardrobe. Oh yes! Expensive! I can't buy free size anymore. That is why most of my clothes are: 

Long Tops are great to make torso's look longer and it hides bulges especially when paired off  with leggings.
Think of balance. You don't wanna look  OVERSIZED.

Oversized V-necked shirts are good to show some bones which gives an illusion of  a long neck. 

Blazers make a simple outfit look stunning plus it hides those macho arms and it  draws more attention to  your top.
Tip: Wear a statement shirt or something eye catching to  make it more casual and playful.

My comfort clothes. When in doubt, wear button up polos. You can create alot of style with these.
You can pair this with almost anything. Wear a pretty necklace to  give it some zest.

Sheer/Chiffon top. What I like about this it looks sexy but it's not revealing. You don't have to show those skin  to be vavavoom! Wear a good brassiere for these, you don't want some peek-a-boos. Nude straps!

Laidback Shirt. This is nice when just going to malls while pairing it off with denim shorts , woven belts,
oversized bag or a fedora hat to spice up the look.

Rompers. It's easy breezy... Choose the loose one so that you won't look like sardines (hehe) The shortness of the shorts is enough to balance. Excessorize!

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This type of clothing matches my body type. I am an inverted triangle. As much as I want to be an hour glass. Nah! Go dress up your body type because no matter what size we are if we wear the right clothes, we all look good and pleasant. I guess there is always a solution in every problem. If you are plump, you can go easy with food (easier said than done). It's for health reasons as well but NEVER be shy or not confident with your body. Instead of concealing everything, emphasize/highlight what you got. Nice legs? Wear shorts. Nice feet? Wear strappy shoes. Nice hair? Wear it down. Nice assets? Flaunt it.

Stop looking at the flaws. I used to do that but then I realized, I only have two choices: BE happy of what you have because life is too short to worry about things we can't change (not that we can't do anything). But if you must, do it for yourself not for others who pressure or criticize you. We all are beautiful no matter how excessive or lacking we have.

So, what is your body type? 

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