Friday, July 29, 2011


a man's guide to her girl...

1. JUDGE HER FRIENDS. Girls will do have all sorts of friends and despite what their personalities are they are friends. You can never chose friends for her. Even that friend is bitchy or what but when your girl needs someone, that friends is always there for her.

2. CRITICIZE HER MOM. Moms can really be annoying at times or minds so much of your business but remember, her Mom is very special to her. During times when your girl needs someone to understand her, only Moms do! They can be hell to be with but when you already have those cute little angels, Mom is always there to turn to. If you criticize her mom, it's just like criticizing her.

3. TELL HER SHE'S UNATTRACTIVE. Every girl would really put an effort to look good for his man. She may loose or gain to much weight which by the way make her unattractive but don't dare tell her that. It is okay to remind her but you know girls do need assurance that no matter how they looked like, they are still beautiful. (you love her right?) In that way she'll be more conscious on her looks minus feeling bad about herself. Girls do get very sensitive most of the time and you must be the first person to make her feel good.

4. QUESTION HER OPINIONS. That is why it is called an opinion right? Nobody gets the right answer. You can tell your own opinion too and that is why it is called a discussion. Sharing each other's thoughts? C'mon! You can't possibly tell her what to think, you can open her eyes through your point but you MUST respect what she says too right?

5. BRING OUT HER HORRIBLE PASTS. Past is past. If you still bring that out, you are just creating a fight and the fact that you can't change it won't do anything good. Girls hate being cornered about her past especially when it was already discussed and closed. What is the whole point of it?

6. COMPARE HER TO YOUR MOM. Your Mom is an individual and each individual is unique. You can't expect her to be exactly like her. If you are, then you should still be inside your Mom's belly! Your girl may not be the best cook or an excellent masseur but you know she's trying. And give her the credits for that. You have your Mom and she is not her.

7. READ HER DIARY. Every girl has a privacy to her own thoughts. It is like a secret garden of thorns and roses. You can't just read it. Even if you are a couple, it doesn't mean you can access everything right? Like do you want her to come with you during boys' night outs?

8. NEVER TAKE HER TO DATES. It does not require fancy things. Simple stuff will do. A walk by the park or an afternoon in your favorite place/restaurant. As long as you make a special time for the two of you to reconnect. We all have our busy times but we should stop and smell the flowers right? Watch the sunset because every sunset is unique. Make her feel special. "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"

9. CALL HER NAMES.Who says they wanna be called names? Even if how upset or mad you are. NEVER EVER call her names. You don't wanna be called an *ssh*le either for sure! Stick with the argument and try your best not to cross beyond the boundaries.

10. HIDE SECRETS FROM HER. Even if it was the smallest thing but you know you have the slight guilt of not telling her especially during your relationship it may be regarding work, health or family. She's part of the union or family and even if she can't literally help she's there behind your back. You must make her feel that you need her too.

Every girl may come in different sizes and shapes but remember, they must be handled with lots of care. Nobody will love and accept you like your girl.

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