Saturday, November 26, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake!

I know hubby would really be happy seeing  Zoe wear this top which he was very proud of having good taste. Isn't she so adorable? :) Her hair kinda wet because I gave her a brisk bath to freshen her up. Too sad her Hello Kitty watch wasn't really clear. Too cute! I so dig cute things.

I just love the details. Peter Pan collar anyone? Got the top for just 70 php ($ 1.67) Thanks to thrift buys and credits to Uyanguren (for those who know about this place). It is the place to be! 

The cake and the so yummy cupcakes!!! 

Cute right? It also had an engraved name of Athena here! Ate Gladys bakes the best!

Birthday Girl with SSC Host :D

Love this <3 so candid

Friendships I miss a lot...

I just love the pop of colors! I will try my best to learn photoshop. Where can I get free apps?????? 

joycee <3

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