Sunday, May 25, 2014

Winnipeg beach

My family had a random road trip toWinnipeg  beach. It was Zach's first longest trip of three hours. He was well behaved and just slept thoughout the travel. Good thing hubby stocked up on taylor swifts and katy perry's cd's to keep Zoe in the mood for some singing along. 

The sun was shinning and everyone I guess were out and about!:-) When I was still living in PI, the weather was all the same but here, its usually the first thing I check. And the weather was 27 degree celcius. Who wouldnt be glad? 

It is actually a lake, its just funny that the deeper part is as frozen as ice. The water  is freezing too but Zoe managed to take her little feet a dip. 

And look who found a friend? They were throwing pebbles and playing sand castle. 

We just brought a mat and feel the sand on our feet. Packed some light meal and a few chippy to munch. 

Look at my handsome lad, looking all chubby and adorable enjoying some sunshine. 

Zoe's evidence from eating those cupcakes. Kids playing in the sand looked priceless! I just cant hold on Zoe because she was all over the place.

We stayed for about 3 hours, had some famous ice cream and off back to winnipeg. The trip was short but we had a lot of family bonding :-) 

Lol! Sleepyheads :)

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