Friday, March 23, 2012

Starting Out

Okay, so I haven't been active lately. I'm really crawling to get started from all the resumes to getting directions and of course, babysitting! But it never stopped me from shopping!!! Well I started out with the basics -> toques, gloves, warmers, coats and boots. It's cooold alright and unbearable!!! How is - 25? Welcome to Winterpeg... 

It's Spring though and the sun is up till 8pm. More colors and here are a few things I bought 

x mullet skirt and a button up polo
x cardigans
x a trusty messenger bag
x MAC! 
x nail things!

I'm really hoping to get things done... and start my new life! 



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    1. here na ako canada... super layo na ;) hirap mag dress up coz ur all covered.. :(