Wednesday, April 25, 2012


 Mullet Skirt, Sirens
 Leather Jacket, Stitches
( I know that is such a weird face but I liked how hubby took it LOL)

 Necklace, DIY

Since I still wanted to look chic despite the cool and breezy spring weather, I mixed leather jacket with a mullet skirt to go with that subtle yet edgy ensemble.

I finally had the chance to wear the skirt I bought a month ago I'm being a hypocrite if I told you I wore this with my bare legs!!! NOOOO! Hell it's 8c but the wind was really cold. I had to wear tights. I was just pretending to conquer the cold for the sake of my look. LOL

About the title, we went to the police station because we had to report an offender who happen to live in the same apartment building and now at least I'm relieved. Canada is a very protective country and even the smallest offend can be reported.

But the surprise that came last Monday was this!!! This is Trina, my bestfriend and she's gonna be married soon. She made a puzzle using our ooooold time pic way back in h.s. Cute right??? and it's magnetic! :) And it's a YES. We need to save for a trip back home :)

And so, till next time.. :) byee




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    1. Professional bum pa.. Hehe :) im still waiting for assessments for my Rn.. I still have to go to school :( do u plan canada?

  2. I do love mullet skirts.. yours is such a pretty color. Also, the bridesmaid invite is super cute!

  3. Lovely look miss ! ;)


  4. nice outfit! :) Thank you so much for visiting my blog!:)
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll