Thursday, November 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Macau 2011

                  I haven't really finished my blog post on Macau and thus I am taking the opportunity of the Flashback Friday trends in social media. Macau is also a part of China  which was earlier on colonized by the Portuguese which explains why their language has Portuguese translations as well. We stayed day for one whole day just to visit famous places and of course take pictures. We took a ferry boat from Hong Kong to get there and I am still looking for the remaining pictures. (boohoo) I travelled with my two close friends - Jap and Anne.

Made a wish on this Church that we visited

We had to wear our jackets since it was 12 degrees that day.

We were just roaming around the places and surprisingly met a lot of Filipinos working. 

This is how the streets usually looked like

Finally after a lot of walking and uber tired feet, Here is the famous Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral
FACT:  The cathedral was built in 1602 and destroyed by fire in 1835. Only the southern stone facade remains today.
Thank you to fellow Pinoys who were generous enough of their time to snap some shots of us.

Overlooking Macau from the top of the RUINS.

I was kinda missing my Zoe and took a photo of this little tyke :)
The trip to the Ruins was sure tiring because we got lost a few times and had to walk back and forth just to get there. The place is somewhat similar of Hong Kongs. Honestly, the travel was longer than the time we stayed in the place LOL. Moreover, the short trip was fun with all the street food just about everywhere and so you'll never get worried getting hungry or thirsty. This is also the first place where I tasted the infamous milk tea :)

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