Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Family picture (Zoe's busy doing her coloring stuff)


This is my 3rd Mother's Day but my first time celebrating it. I was really overwhelmed with how my husband prepared and surprised me. It was nothing fancy but it was priceless. The food, the place and the people around me were just perfect.  

Being a mom is not an easy task because it can't call on a leave or a vacation and no pay all. The only reward are the warm hugs and kisses that gives a silent message of  'Thanks and I love you, Mom'. I don't think there is still something that would ever replace the happiness my daughter has given me. It is the toughest job I've ever had and I would never get tired of it.

I also thank my Mom for raising me well and now, I am passing all the things I've learned from her to my child. Ever since when my Dad worked overseas, my Mom raised us on her own and I owe it to her. She didn't wish anything but to secure our future. I'm really really hoping to get things done so that I can repay her for all the things she sacrificed just to give us all the comfort. A Louis Vuitton's Never Full would do, right Mom? Lol

And to end the night.....

A long stemmed red rose <3


  1. hey, joyce! hope yo had a nice mother's day. your daughter is so adorable, and the food looks amazing!

    hope you're well! :)

  2. looks like you had a very nice day :)


  3. lovely blog. Do you want to follow each other darling? XoXo