Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DIY: Birthday Card

Last Sunday, we attend a first birthday party at the Royal Forks. It was a costume party for the kids actually in line with the Halloween. However, we forgot to buy a birthday card and so I had to do something with my crafty hands. It is a custom here that whenever we attend parties in restaurants or hotels, we usually give money than gifts unless you wanted to add them up. We just slip in the cash in the card.  

Materials: 2 4X6 photo paper
                                                                           washi tapes
                                                                           computer program for designing (I used this)

I chose this cover because it suits well to that kid-princessy thing. ( Using my trusty iPhone for the photo though)

The second print was a short dedication. The good thing is you get to customize everything from icons to pictures! I connected both photo papers using the washi tapes and made it as a border to accent the card.

Here is my princess wearing her gown and crown during the party

The giveaway cuppies from the celebrant.

And my chubby minion! who had 100 likes in Facebook

The party was fun because almost everyone were from the same company where my hubby works. They had a photo booth with quirky props. Zoe had so much fun with the photo booth that she had 5 solo shots with different props. Zach, however, was sleeping throughout the luncheon. The food was a mixture of Canadian and Asian but we weren't really satisfied. I would give a 3/5 rating for Royal Forks. 

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