Friday, October 11, 2013

My proZACH!

 Here is my brand-new bundle of joy, My precious Zach William born on May 31st 2013. After 41 weeks, 23 hours of labor, excruciating labor pains, dried my eyes from crying - he was born. I'm back to sleepless nights and struggles on breastfeeding. I did overcome the breastfeeding part because it all felt smooth sailing unlike the first 6 weeks which definitely tested my patience on latching, milk production and pumping. Just like everyone else, I also had issues on post partum blues which drove me insane. It was a whole lot of challenge for me and my family. Gladly, on the 4th month, I'm surviving and getting used to it. As of the moment I am still in the middle of a constant confusion if I should go back to work or be with my baby full-time (including my toddler, Zoe)  for the next 8 months. Oh well, whatever goes.

Anyway, for first time mommies, I would suggest to work hard on breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is not something that comes naturally like puppies on their moms. It's a decision and a work in progress. We all have issues about latching or not enough milk supply. Determination is the key. I breastfed my eldest with a mind setting that formula is not an option. I'ved had painful and bleeding nipples, had to take topical medication but it didn't stop me. I know it will just pass until my baby was able to learn the proper latching. There are also breastfeeding consultants that might help on latching or queries about breastfeeding. I guess, it is one of God's beautiful creations - the ability to nourish you baby coming from you. 

I guess I have to stop here, mother duties! :) I will take baby steps on this blog - more meaningful, substantial and heart. 

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