Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Zach's Christening

I want to share my Zachy's Christening last August. It was shortly planned but it turned out quite successful. We like to set it on a summer because it doesn't need too much preparations with all the cold outfits and all. Since hubby is a Christian we both agreed to christen him in his church and baptize him in the Catholic church on his first birthday. The reception was held in a Japanese restaurant (IGI's). 

These are the photo props that I painstakingly made for Zach's phtoto booth

 We were trying on his outfit without the tie though because his neck is missing! lol. Breastfeeding works in wonders! 

 Trying on her favorite dress I got from Winners, excuse the clutter Lol

 Zoe had to change in her ballerina costume. The kids loved the props!

This cake was made by a fellow Davaoena whose hobby is making cakes. The cake was sinful! Moist chocolate with custard filling. I always want to order from hobbyist because I know it's made with love and yeah I was right! This for only $60. 

As for my crafting addiction, I made this fingerprint guestbook as our remembrance. It is basically a fingerprint of everyone who attended the party. Pinterest gives a number of ideas and this is one was very easy and doable. 

Everyone had their photo booth pictures as a souvenir of the occasion. And yes, I wanted the theme to have a nautical vibe that is reason why I had boats all over. 


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