Thursday, June 23, 2011

All Dolled Up!

           My Mom's 'Goddess' inspired gown
     Photographer: Me
      Stylist: Me
      MUA: Me
        PA: Guess who! lol

I was thrilled when Mommy asked me to do her make up. The not so excited that I was got some brushes and shades of green at a local drugstore. I mixed alot of green shades to get that subtle smokey effect. I used Maybelline express liner for her eyes though I wasn't that satisfied with its quality since it easily wears of and I had to make it a little darker to make her eyes brighter. I used Blush Love thing on her cheeks. What I like about MAC is that despite the hot weather, the blush on doesn't easily melt. You still look fresh! On her lips is MAC in rogue. Both liquid and powder foundation are from MAC as well. On her hair, I just lift the upper part and twist it to hold the lift using alot of hairpins. And I used a blower to set her hair. And there!

 My life!

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