Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY: Feather Earrings

I am making a simple tutorial on feather earrings. Since it is the in season, so might as well show you how to make one. What you'll need: 

First, insert the small trunk (trunk???) of the feather inside the connector and then lock it buy pushing the end tail. Set them aside.

Put the bead inside the pin. Cut the excess then make a loop just enough to keep it intact. 

Use a jump ring to connect the beads and the ear hook.

Lastly, connect the feather to the end loop of the beads then it's DONE! :D

You can always use other techniques, color or style but basically this is how you make one.
And I just noticed my worn out nail art polished (which I did the first time) is so distracting. Motherhood and doing the laundry. Some photos appear shaky as well because I had to rely on the timer :/ 



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