Saturday, December 10, 2011

Focus on the Details

My favorite belts as of the moment bought them at Soul and ForMe. The other one was reversible and so it was like having two belts for the price of one. Take that as a good deal. How I wish all clothes would be like that. That might be a good line of clothing right? I'll name it... Twins in Fashion! haha. Random thoughts. 

SALE are everywhere and I'm keeping my eyes shut from envy with shopping. I've been making accessories lately and I got more inspired when a group of pretty and really pretty girls adored them. I wish I could take photos of them wearing it. The sad thing was I didn't had the time to take good photos of them. Too bad. 

I heard mass yesterday at Ateneo with Diva and it was really touching. It has been a long time and I wanted to break down and cry. Call me cry baby but I am so in need of spiritual intervention right now and I want to go to church again today. Maybe yes I will. 

Have a Happy Sunday Everyone! 

Joycee =)

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