Thursday, December 15, 2011


Bag, H&M/ Shoes, Jessica Simpsons/ Cardigan, House of Glamorosa/
Tank Top, Bench/ Trousers, Oxygen/ Belt, ForMe

Forgive me but I'm just starting out Photoshop and so my inner top looked almost my skin. Have you noticed that my  outfit now is a bit similar from my previous post? After looking at the picture, I got inspired and started to experiment on my clothes and I came up with these. I hope it worked out for me. It's just that I wore flats and a sling bag since my IT was to the bank and a late lunch in the streets of Davao City. And how ironic it is that I make tons of accessories but I'm just using a bangle right? There are just times when I wanted to look simple. But looking at this picture I guess I should accessorize more. Accessories would really make an outfit stand out. I only had on photo because at the back of my mind, Zoe was already waiting for me so I had to make a quick post looking pale. I'll try harder to make the photos better and my face better as well. hehe

Diva's nice legs and shoes from Anthology

Diva & I had another food binge at Gino's Burger. I will blog about them soon. 


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