Friday, December 16, 2011

Foodies ain't Goodies

Another Photoshop experiment so you'll be expecting more trial and errors. Now, I'm trying this retro comic effect chuva. This was a random text from my food partner. Since everyone was talking about Gino's burger and so might as well try them. And yes, this is like the western kind of burger. The patty is thick indeed and super juicy. The price is reasonable too for the price of 125 for a serving this large and really delicious it will make your head spin.

And because we were so fickle minded of which flavor we should share, the guy decided to put two in a cup for the price of one. LOL. At Crepalato. Well, I always die for creamy and rich ice creams but when you want to cut out the sugar and fat, this is a better choice. 

She's a happy camper. Nadala sa charms (She took it with her charms) And so the two little pigs went home and slept. OINKY-NESS. 


  1. omg. that burger. looks. fricking. amazing! jeez where is this sold in Davao exactly?! must try it when i get back somehow:)


  2. hi eden! :) it's in Lapu-lapu street near Sta Ana church.. It's a small place but the burger is really great!